Like we used to

I started the day uneventfully, milling around, horse playing with my officemates, dealing with menial jobs one task at a time. In the afternoon I hung out, nursing my stale coffee, and wait for the time to pass by. On days where my job required overtime, I normally hang out in the pantry, stuffing myself [...]



Last night I dreamt of you. You were holding a pack of sparklers and told me you wanted to light it when the clock strikes midnight. I’d shake my head and smile, since you looked adorable for being giddy over simple things. We’d light them, and then suddenly you closed your eyes and wished to [...]


He was staring at an old photograph, while the snow cocooned his apartment and his world. Remembering the last time he saw her, she was smiling, kissing him goodbye. He kissed her again when she went out of the door, waving. Two years had passed, and a familiar feeling fluttered over his chest. He breathed [...]


Night shadows linger on a rain-drenched street corner. Distant sounds of car horns, talking, laughing and shouting permeated across the square. She was walking briskly, her heels tapping against the wet pavement. Her coat was drenched, so was her chestnut hair. Her eyes, once lit with color, were now glassy and scanned the almost empty [...]