it started with a pinprick but then it grew into something I didn't expect to — it grew eventually, leaving specks of my previous self floating like ashes, forming a hole that I cannot grasp. This once tiny hole evolved into something that I didn't foresee engulfed me in its blazing fire that threatened to [...]



You'll say that it is my choice Since I decided it in the first place yet you never understood the plea painted in every word I said. You'll say that I'm just ranting just because I don't get what I expected. Tell me something though, is it really what I wanted? You'll say that I'm [...]


Hush now, my baby let the winds rock you into your sleep and let clouds pull your feet you may now spread your wings. For you are tired no more and never struggle anymore Let the lights guide you as you are now finally home. The world still turns around and you won't ever get [...]


I sometimes have this battle of how miserable I am — of how volatile I could be. I have often thought that one can never address what's on my mind completely. It was a pit full of vipers but then it was a chamber full of rainbows One way or another, whichever goes first. I'm [...]