her love is as swift and as powerful as the clap of thunder, her joy as temptestous as the crashing waves of the sea yet her grief leaves a mark like a lightning — following the thunder in its wake — © 2017


all the tides of the ocean has tipped you time and again, over and over but never forget that there are beacons; lifelines that you can hold on to let your irrepressible spirit float you to the shore. — © 2017


i might never know how much shadows you hold you many stories untold for me to gravitate towards you. i might never see what your actions mean to be like the phases, it waxes, it wanes. you might never know how much it means to you the love I tried to choke but like the [...]


"let them chase me away", you said "after all, people always wanted you and I am but merely despised." I sighed, and stared at her, and said, "you are the reason why plants, animals, and people grow, for without your existence balance would never be possible. "it is true that they would always pine for better days [...]


white paradise and grey clouds mixed altogether enveloping the world in beautiful silence.   And I'm back! hahaha sorry for the long wait! Writer's block has been looming around for some time now, and I'm suddenly struck with an inspiration to write a short poem about snows though. I would like to visit a country with [...]

Ode to butterflies

Bloom, nature's children Spread those wings resplendent Colors magnificent Soar up high  with all your might Capture their hearts And make the world smile Grow, my beloved Let the world gaze upon your glory But let them not crush Your spirits burning bright - Sending out love in a rainy Wednesday afternoon! I originally intended [...]