Five-word story

What comes around, goes around. — Hello everyone! It's me again *laughs* I apologize if I haven't written something new today since I'm still in the process of taking out negativities in work/studies. But yeah, I can't fathom how some people could turn tables on unsuspecting people. Am pretty much annoyed but I'll let professionalism [...]


I was watching the rain outside when I keep on reminding myself that everything is not the same Saturday that I'd come to use to. It was on a Saturday that I chose to become a couch potato, that I enjoyed lazy mornings and late-night movie marathons. That I didn't mind skipping meals because sleep [...]


unseen memories drifted through my window a swathe of dreamless nights swarmed my sleepless slumber a sea of thousand stars scattered in the dark forged by the chaos of ethereal light silence and purity intertwined, enmeshed in silken threads of dreams and destiny ghosts of silence and vibrance, of coldness and warmth join the moon [...]