her love is as swift and as powerful as the clap of thunder, her joy as temptestous as the crashing waves of the sea yet her grief leaves a mark like a lightning — following the thunder in its wake — © 2017


i might never know how much shadows you hold you many stories untold for me to gravitate towards you. i might never see what your actions mean to be like the phases, it waxes, it wanes. you might never know how much it means to you the love I tried to choke but like the [...]


She turned her back at him willing her tears not to fall. Yet when the last rays hit was the only time that  the slivers of sunlight reflected her anguish. And when the darkness came she vowed never to appear again. — © 2017

Like we used to

I started the day uneventfully, milling around, horse playing with my officemates, dealing with menial jobs one task at a time. In the afternoon I hung out, nursing my stale coffee, and wait for the time to pass by. On days where my job required overtime, I normally hang out in the pantry, stuffing myself [...]