Hello everybody! This is just a short update on my revamped wordpress site, just to have a breath of fresh air. Hopefully I'll become more productive now that I have changed my site's appearance (laughs) and that I'll be more inspired to write. Cheers!


if there was only plastic, resin or polyester, or even metal to cover what I tried to hide or repair the crippled pieces of what I used to be Hi everyone! I'm sorry it took me ages to write again, and I wrote a short poem (again *wails*) because it's what I really feel right [...]

3:07 pm

it was in my highest yet it was also my lowest it was crazy but then again it made sense I tried to grasp it only for it to slip away pray tell, my dear have I gotten insane? this journey I'm taking have taken its toll on me it had been a sweet dream and it [...]


all the tides of the ocean has tipped you time and again, over and over but never forget that there are beacons; lifelines that you can hold on to let your irrepressible spirit float you to the shore. — © 2017


You'll say that it is my choice Since I decided it in the first place yet you never understood the plea painted in every word I said. You'll say that I'm just ranting just because I don't get what I expected. Tell me something though, is it really what I wanted? You'll say that I'm [...]


Disclaimer: this is not a poem. hahaha sorry for disappointing you all! Friends come and go, but dogs stay with you forever. I've never felt such loss when my previous dogs had passed on (I wouldn't say died because their memories are forever immortalized); until now. I had this wriggling puppy in my arms when I was in [...]


It's not in the comforts of the four corners of the home nor can be found  in the most opulent of places It can be found almost everywhere it can be found in almost  anything or anyone anyone who is able to reach and offer comfort to an aching soul begging to be set free making [...]