Pieces by pieces

How shall I tell you That I don't deserve you anymore? The fact that I've been hiding The truth to anybody else but you It might seem unfair to me That I have hurt you pieces by pieces Nonetheless this has to stop Though it will be hard But you'll find someone better You'll get … Continue reading Pieces by pieces



storms swirl into the unfathomable. lashes lifted, looking out into the curtains eyes trail to the abyss of shadows that cloaks the truth. again, you blinked but the halos disappear yet swirling storms remain into the shadows and into the pits of darkness. - Hi! I was invited by my friend to write something about … Continue reading unrest

broken masterpiece

million starlights flutter like butterflies tiny starlights flash through jagged cracks - the ethereal glow  glittering like diamonds into the jagged, hollow jigsaw puzzle of my soul - these terrible cracks and fragments of light making them utterly beautiful. - This afternoon poetry is brought to you by caffeine overdose hahahaha twas supposed to be … Continue reading broken masterpiece