a lone note lie on a table



"let them chase me away", you said "after all, people always wanted you and I am but merely despised." I sighed, and stared at her, and said, "you are the reason why plants, animals, and people grow, for without your existence balance would never be possible. "it is true that they would always pine for better days [...]


Birds in flight painted in cerulean skies Stars twinkle in the purple moonless sky Warm shadows in the cool autumn sun Life, as told by the spring's day has begun - Hello! Thanks for keeping up with my quirks hehehe this short poem is one of the products of my weird spontaneity. Lol we don't [...]


Of yesterday - cluttered dreams kept away dustcovers of future swapped and specks of uncertainty remained. often do I wonder what do I do with these dreams how these fragments kept on haunting my memories - Afternoon poetry? Bring it on! Just a short random, though. Will post another poem when I'm free! Cheers!

broken masterpiece

million starlights flutter like butterflies tiny starlights flash through jagged cracks - the ethereal glow  glittering like diamonds into the jagged, hollow jigsaw puzzle of my soul - these terrible cracks and fragments of light making them utterly beautiful. - This afternoon poetry is brought to you by caffeine overdose hahahaha twas supposed to be [...]