Good morning world! Am interrupting my stream of poetry-filled blog site for something random (if I might say). But don't worry, I'll keep it straight and simple. You guys might be wondering why I am naming my poems based on the time I wrote them, yes? Well, there are millions of things happening in a [...]

Five-word story

What comes around, goes around. — Hello everyone! It's me again *laughs* I apologize if I haven't written something new today since I'm still in the process of taking out negativities in work/studies. But yeah, I can't fathom how some people could turn tables on unsuspecting people. Am pretty much annoyed but I'll let professionalism [...]

Ode to sixteen million

Remember that sixteen million out of a hundred million have chosen you to lead? They are numbers, but they also are people at the same time. These people have been clamoring, encouraging you to lead them. In the least few months, you gave in. These people; faced with poverty, corruption, injustice, discrimination, have chosen you [...]