Hello everybody! This is just a short update on my revamped wordpress site, just to have a breath of fresh air. Hopefully I'll become more productive now that I have changed my site's appearance (laughs) and that I'll be more inspired to write. Cheers!


if there was only plastic, resin or polyester, or even metal to cover what I tried to hide or repair the crippled pieces of what I used to be Hi everyone! I'm sorry it took me ages to write again, and I wrote a short poem (again *wails*) because it's what I really feel right [...]

3:07 pm

it was in my highest yet it was also my lowest it was crazy but then again it made sense I tried to grasp it only for it to slip away pray tell, my dear have I gotten insane? this journey I'm taking have taken its toll on me it had been a sweet dream and it [...]


her love is as swift and as powerful as the clap of thunder, her joy as temptestous as the crashing waves of the sea yet her grief leaves a mark like a lightning — following the thunder in its wake — © 2017


all the tides of the ocean has tipped you time and again, over and over but never forget that there are beacons; lifelines that you can hold on to let your irrepressible spirit float you to the shore. — © 2017