Welcome. I am what you call the resident lurker of blogging neighborhood. This is where I normally hang out and write about my life, one word at a time. Whether it would be in the forms of prose or poetry, I dabbled into writing since I was in grade school, and I realized that writing is my getaway, aside from reading fiction and drawing. I am also an introverted fangirl where I cry, flail and fawn over persons who 1.) don’t exist, and 2.) don’t even know that I exist. Don’t worry, I know how when to stop.

I’m currently procrastinating preparing for my comprehensive examinations and this is one of the platforms where I let off steam (but most of the time I lurk in my twitter account hehe). Most of the time I like to stay quiet but I also have a highly reactive imagination (as manifested by my idiosyncrasies). I like to space out and doodle things and even make arguments inside my head; and most of the time I have a bad sense of humor – I laugh (and judge) easily at bad jokes and puns, and I’m hoarding memes in my phone.

You can follow me on my social media accounts (though I deactivated my Facebook for the time being – and you can also scream at me here) and drop a word or two.

Anyways, welcome to my blog! 🙂


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