Disclaimer: this is not a poem. hahaha sorry for disappointing you all!

Friends come and go, but dogs stay with you forever.

I’ve never felt such loss when my previous dogs had passed on (I wouldn’t say died because their memories are forever immortalized); until now.

I had this wriggling puppy in my arms when I was in my fifth grade (I’m in my fifth grade in 2005); and though they’re twins, I feel that I’ll be attached to him eventually. I can say that he’s been my best buddy as I grew. Considering that he is the ‘baby’ of the family, I treated him as my best friend; baby brother, my ‘pillow’ and partner-in-crime.

To sum it all up, he passed on when I’m busy trying to make it out alive in the second semester. Dad told me over the line that he just slept there, as if nothing happened. I didn’t even had the chance to say goodbye to him, and that alone made my heart break. I still remember how my dad delivered the news, though. I’m wrecked after a week of sleep deprivation and emotional strain. Then he uttered the words and just like that, the dam broke.

Never had I cried hard over someone, nor something. Never had I had the feeling of irrevocable loss emerge ever since my grandmother, my classmate had died.

On the bright side, though; he lived a good, long life. A dog’s life expectancy lasts up to 13 years, and I can say that he spent his thirteen (maybe even fourteen) years well – chasing after birds, chickens; chewing our slippers, barking and snoring loudly; having a heart huge enough to love six people – including me.

From 2005 up to the present, he never fails to make people smile, laugh, and even cry. He taught us the capacity to live and love again despite circumstances that changes a person. One thing for sure: I’ll always miss him.

To my pet dog: I know you’re up there watching over us, being the good boy that you are. You might not be chewing newspapers and slippers over there, but you’ll now have the chance to run like the same old you did. Thank you for teaching us (particularly me) the value of friendship and loving people. I hope to see you, but not soon though. *laughs*


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