CTTO. © 2015

i might never know

how much shadows you hold

your many stories untold

for me to gravitate towards you.

i might never see

what your actions mean to be

like the phases,

it waxes, it wanes.

you might never know

how much it means to you

the love I tried to choke

but like the moon,

it glows and it grows.

Hello everyone! Am breaking my semi-hiatus (as I put it) but finally I finished my second semester!

I might be acads-free from the time being but life has a way in being a complete paradox. But I’m savoring my break through reading, sporadically writing and occasionally watching series. 

I tried to write this as a mother’s day poem, but words seem to fail me. Nonetheless, there will come a time that a moon’s love will eclipse all.

I’ll just stay silent for a while but until then, I’ll continue writing. Toodles!

© 2017


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