Storms, chaos, abyss   That was what I thought   when you asked me what   my thoughts are. Maybe the eye of the storm   Is deeply concealed   through the endless clutter   Even if I tried my best to   get it in order. — © 2017



looking outside the window I saw the past, the present and now my future looks back at me — smiling as he held a bouquet and walks across the street I never realized that I looked beyond I searched far and wide and found what I was looking for is just right in front of me. [...]

Ode to the night sky

O, lovely moon That hangs from the velvet — Cast thy eternal glow on thy meager yet hopeful gaze as I continue to ponder my purpose amidst the haze. Let thy stars serve as beacons as I search for thy destiny let the stars guide the way and never let me be led astray. Let [...]