A fangirl’s confessions

an ocean of lights float simultaneously

while the echoes of the stadium reverberates

you dazzled them with your song and dances

and left the whole audience slipping into a puddle.

They call it pairing in dramas

we call it one true love

even if it won’t happen for real

but the feelings and thoughts are clear.

here I am, still admiring you from afar

enchanted with your smiles and natural charms

I sighed as if the winds could carry the sound

hoping it’ll catch through even in that crowd.

alas! how I had wished to the heavens

to grant me the Fates’ elusive smiles

to see and gaze at you real-time

even a minute or two is worthwhile.

Hello! These are some of my random poetics on being a fangirl. Some of them are real people, a lot of them fictional in my introverted world. (I’m an introvert, by the way)

As always, this is my second post for this month; and I can’t even thank you all enough for sticking around. Here’s to more random ramblings/poems/stories!


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