Photo not mine. Credits 2017

you may think that you seem to be a speck

in this vast universe of ours

but your time will come

that you will shine brighter than the sun

others will try to block you out

and others will try to suck you in;

you still have that spark in you

that others do not have; nor can be compared to yours.

rest knowing that someday your efforts will be known

and the universe will unravel on its own

let your light never falter, shine forevermore

until the other stars cease to shine and grow

Hello! I’m on a roll since I took time off reading journals and other things lol by the way, I’ll be posting a short story or two, and I’ll try my best to finish it within this week or so. But then again, my procrastinating tendencies might have the upper hand so I don’t know. But rest assured I’ll be posting it hahaha

I dedicate this poem to all you beautiful souls. You may seem like a speck in this universe, but may you light up like the sun in others’ universes. Thank you very much!


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