Last dance

let me hold you hand

and lead you by the dance floor

let me wrap my arm around you

as I swing you to me back and forth

let me look into your eyes

as we softly hum along the tune

let me guide you step by step

I promise I’ll never let you fall.

let me listen to your laugh

as your eyes glitter and glow

let me savor this moment

as we let the dusk bleed into the dawn

let me hold your hand

even as I can’t hold you anymore

let me hum you a tune

even if you can’t hear me anymore

let me look into your eyes

even if you can’t see me anymore

let me hum my final goodbye

even if you can’t love me anymore

Hello everyone, it’s me again! It’s been days since I released Juxtaposition and this is the exact opposite of it lol

For the blabber part, I’ll just ask you what is your take on this poem.  I won’t spill this time Hahaha

Aside from the usual blabber, I’ll be under the radar again for some time (which may lead to semi-hiatus); but I’ll promise I’ll be back for more randomness and quirks. Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading!


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