She was bright and sunny

and he was a lone floating cloud.

He was storms and crashing thunders

while her colors are full of life.

Until her hues became neutral,

while he slowly bleeds in chartreuse. 

Her canvas fades into monochrome,

while his bursts in technicolor.

Vermillion was his color

While gray etched her soul

his heart forever tainted

while her soul forever scarred.

Their love was a masterpiece

beautiful and beyond compare

Their changes in painful transit

until their fates are melded in this way.
He became the sun,

shining in all its glory.

But still pines for her –

she that became the lonely moon.


Hi! it’s been a while and am sending out love in advance this coming 14th!

I was inspired to write this poem by my great friend’s perceptions toward my poems, and twas further prompted by a short story I read ages ago. So there, inspiration hits me hard (and how I wished puberty had hit me hard also loljk) and made this child. Thanks for the inspiration, Typingletter!

By the way, I hope you enjoy reading! Here’s to more poetry and randomness!


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