Dream sequence

Alas, thy father

Hold thine heart in your hands

For I will be no more

Yet I have never blamed you.

For in thy heart is a rosary

Etched by the mother’s loving hands

Thy smiles and dreams clenched tight

I hold them scattered beyond thy grasp.

Behold, thy stranger’s gun pointed at thy shoulder

Tears flow as I utter a final prayer

The next thing I felt is silence

As my lifeless gaze behold the black velvet sky.
© 2017

Hello everyone! I’m sorry for the looooong wait hahahaha I’ve been caught up on work and here I am despairing over my courseworks lol

As for the latter part, am trying my best to keep up since I’ll be reporting next week so there. By the way, this poem was inspired by the most bizarre dream that I have, and until now I’m figuring out what it means lol and I decided to write it in poetry. Just want to spare you from gory details (with the narrative edition).

Do you have bizarre dreams too?


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