Can you keep a secret?

There’s something I want to tell you

But promise me you won’t tell anyone

My friends, acquaintances, even to my mum.

For some time now, my feelings were off-kilter

Yet I could still force a smile and a giggle.

But beneath those false responses

Lies a veneer of pain and misery.

My dear, you might have said that I’m just being sad and dramatic

But I have lost my will to fight to live, to fight for everything.

For some reasons that I can’t explain,

Tell me, are there any ways not to make my feelings be contained?

The things that I love are now the things I despise

Even the simplest things can make my temper rise

My poor self was shattered, strangled by the hands of ice

Without knowing why, I long for the day of my demise

Believe or not, I just don’t seem to find care

About the things happening around me everywhere

Afraid that I might be judged anyway

I kept my feelings and thoughts at bay.

So can you keep a secret?

This thought of mine I’d been bothered to share

My thoughts and feelings all laid bare

Before the eyes of darkness and death consume me with its stare.

Hello again! It’s been a few days since I last posted, and here I am taking advantage of my free time before work and schoolworks swallow me whole lol

Anyways, for the blabber part: some of my friends, even my mother have told me that there’s no reason for me to be depressed. But I have, and I’m observing myself last year. So this baby could also be ranked among my most personal compositions so far.

Nevertheless, I’m fighting my best to get to the light and not let the darkness swallow me. Anyways, happy reading!


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