Dumbfounded I stood

While I stare at the reels

of my life play on 

like a silent film.

The hardships, pain, joy

madness and despair

plans etched in the familiar mask

of doubt and hope.

The words spoken, written in the wind

crashed against the angry waves

of deafening silence —

beaconing me to dive into the next world.

Finally, it ends

For the yoke of life’s metaphors

that snap into one’s focus

On the ever-changing chaos.

Hi! Rolling out of the cobwebs once again! Haha I have read a collection of poems penned by the students in our school and I am inspired to write one. This is the translated edition, bc the original one’s written in Filipino.

I know I have the knack to blabber about my poems and all, but this baby is one of the most personal. I have these instances where I live in my own life like a spectator, and one of these instances that I got my inspiration from is what I studied in one of my subjects in Psychology where one of the symptoms is like the said title. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy!


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