"I will leave everything – including those moments of failure and struggle for I have always wanted to face the future with a blank slate," says the graduate As she dons the robe and adjusts the cap amidst the chaos around. "My child, you might be leaving, But never forget those failures and struggles  as [...]



I stared at the mirror Only to see that The abyss is staring Right back at me. — Hello everyone! Am reemerging from my semi-hiatus once again for this baby. I've written this as a one-minute prompt given by a friend, so am apologizing if I'd posted a short poem right now. But then again, [...]

Last dance

let me hold you hand and lead you by the dance floor let me wrap my arm around you as I swing you to me back and forth let me look into your eyes as we softly hum along the tune let me guide you step by step I promise I'll never let you fall. [...]


She was bright and sunny and he was a lone floating cloud. He was storms and crashing thunders while her colors are full of life. Until her hues became neutral, while he slowly bleeds in chartreuse.  Her canvas fades into monochrome, while his bursts in technicolor. Vermillion was his color While gray etched her soul [...]