Ode to roses


you are beloved, my child

for you hold everything in your hands

let tears and a frown dampen your day,

but always remember to arm yourself with a smile.

you can be prickly as you can be;

for not everyone has to handle your thorns

let people decide to stick around

and show them the real you

let them appreciate your beauty

but don’t let them give the freedom to crush you

blossom and spread those petals of kindness

into this hardened and gray earth.

Hi! I’m back from all the insane moments from preparing for work and studies. By the way, I might be inactive for the next couple of days/weeks because school starts at the second week (hopefully) but I will try my best to write in sporadic bursts despite my hiatus hahaha

I dedicate this poem to my best friends who are still blooming like roses despite the odds in life. May we always be a blooming rose to others’ garden.

As always, I hope you enjoy reading! Will be back for some poems and other things lol 


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