History makers

Don’t worry, I’m not going to sing on the top of my lungs in reference to my title. Ladies and gentlemen, let me show you on what is currently floating in my fangirl system.

retrieved from http://yurionice.com/en/images/mainLogo.png

Twelve episodes, a multitude of fanfictions, fan arts, memes, crack videos, and petitions for a sequel; fans still can’t get enough on the much talked-about sports anime “Yuri!!! On ICE”, which started last fall 2016 by Kubo Mitsurou and Yamamoto Sayo. Actually, the last episode aired on December but still got fans craving for more.

I’ll admit, I’m one of the reasons why this ship is still sailing, not only because of the fanservice and the OTP shipping that fans get, but because of the beautiful character development, the stunts and the programs presented by the characters in the story. Personally, the pairing is the icing of the cake. The characters are presented in a way that people could relate because they still are, in a sense, humans.

As usual, this wasn’t my first time watching a sports anime (and yet I’ll leave you the floor to debate whether YOI is still categorized as a sports anime or not), but this particular show led me back to watch anime (last time I watched Assassination Classroom and Sakamoto desu ga?) and root for it since then.

I’m not writing this to fish compliments nor to convince you guys to watch it too, but then again, Yuri On Ice taught me many things (aside from the fact that I’ve started googling about the mechanics of figure skating and the competitions proper). This show made me realize time and again that not everything is permanent, since there is a timeline that we all have to fulfill. Another thing is that we must never give up on something we want. The message screamed across the anime’s opening song “History Maker” by Dean Fujioka in which anything is possible. Even though I’m not a huge fan of figure skating myself, I have enjoyed watching videos of figure skating competitions  (singles and pairs) thanks to YOI. This anime offered a glimpse of the lives of competitive figure skaters.

I’m not going to start learning ice skating, but Yuri on Ice has been a highlight of my previous year and will continue skating its way to my fangirl heart this year. I just don’t know how my feels could handle the second season. *wails*


Tada! This is why I’m being busy, aside from work and school. My dormant fangirl heart really still wanted to make history (lol) and never lets up. By the way, you can look up at YouTube for the anime’s opening song; it’s worth the LSS HAHAHA

If you wanted to watch the anime, here is the link of the trailer in YouTube. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gcbnm-vkg4U)

Anyways, this is my fangirl self speaking hehehe nevertheless, I hope you enjoy reading! I’ll be back for some stories and poetry (soon, I hope)!


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