photo not mine

“let them chase me away”, you said

“after all, people always wanted you

and I am but merely despised.”

I sighed, and stared at her, and said,

“you are the reason why plants,

animals, and people grow,

for without your existence

balance would never be possible.

“it is true that they would always pine

for better days ahead

but let not be blinded

for people wanted you

to wash their troubles  and sorrows away.”

Hello again! This is my second poem for this year and I apologize for not following through. Flu caught me and upended me by the rag under my feet again. *laughs*

Anyways, this was inspired by my random thought that if the sun and the rain would have a conversation, what would that be? Forgive my lack of creative titles and biased POV though, I was just trying to imbibe the rain’s importance even though she’s sometimes hated by children. As always, thanks for putting up with my quirks! Enjoy reading!



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