On the hours before the clock strikes twelve

I got up, heart and mind bothered

Nonetheless, I found a pen

And set to make my promises 

in a crumpled sheet of yellowed paper.

Never will I suffer

and set my heart on my sleeve again

Never will I let my feelings

get the better of me again

Always I would struggle,

but I won’t put myself in vain

For I can always try harder

and make myself alive again.

I would stumble and crumple 

like this piece of paper

But never let myself be torn apart

and throw myself asunder.

Hi everyone! Hoping your year started with a blast though. This is my first poem for this year, and I hope it’s the first of many (since I’ll be busier for the days ahead lol).

It may seem weird but I have a habit of writing drafts on scratch paper, even to the extent of writing at the back of my mom’s ATM receipts lol

I’ll leave this here because I was ordered to take a rest and prohibited from all kinds of internet activity *wails*. Nonetheless, thanks for reading! 


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