Sweet words

sweet words exchanged

poised to perfection

meant to tie bonds

but leads to poison.

oh! his shattered heart

bared her battered soul

guiding lights

will forever be their home.

they dwelled on sweet words

that meant to bind them

the same sweet words

made them blind and bitter

I’m on a roll hahahaha! Thanks for putting up with my melancholic quirks, I’m still deciphering the possible reasons why I am wide awake in these hours the sleepyheads termed as ungodly. 

By the way, it’s two in the morning here, and yeah, I’m on a roll of writing poems. I’m trying my dibs to get on to writing short stories, but I won’t force it. Beauty doesn’t meant to be forced hehehe

Anyways, I hope you’ll have a great week ahead though 2016 is about to end. May you have a bountiful, peaceful 2017!


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