she represented

what I wanted to be

my hero and my inspiration

and what I could never be

she embodied

a sharp mind and a good heart

a life that was fully lived

the kind that I could never have

the kind I could wish for mine

though different we are

though I was a mess

the bond is always there –

a love that is beyond compare.

Hi! I’m not expressive enough to let my mom know how much she affected me, so I let the depths of poetry take over.

I dedicate this freestyle poem to one of the most influential persons in my life for her birthday. I don’t post much about this but why not? We tend to appreciate life more as we grow older. And my fangirl self has set her priorities on code red hahahaha but I guess I’ll focus more on poetry. Heaven knows I’m trying my best to come up with a short Christmas story.

I’ll be back for more inane/tearjerking/random stories/poetry. For the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading!


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