Ode to sixteen million

Remember that sixteen million out of a hundred million have chosen you to lead?

They are numbers, but they also are people at the same time. These people have been clamoring, encouraging you to lead them. In the least few months, you gave in.

These people; faced with poverty, corruption, injustice, discrimination, have chosen you because they knew you can do it. They know that you could break those bonds of injustice, mediocrity, and mudslinging.

Remember that sixteen million chose you because they feel that you can lead them to salvation – almost to the extent that some deified you. Remember that sixteen million aspirations, sixteen million dreams are resting on your shoulders.

I’m none of those sixteen million, but I have high hopes for you.

But I don’t see it clearly anymore. It seems that this land has been overwhelmed by drugs, killings, sham, deceit, and wrong choice of words.

This madness has to stop.

And please, don’t let the one hundred million people down.

I was invited by my friend to write about the current situation in our country. The thing is, I’m trying to get a grasp about everything because the news gets old.

I’m being careful, not because of my work, but because nowadays people who merely even posts things online gets “assassinated” by those keyboard warriors who doesn’t even have the galls to hold their tongues and cite you for misinformation. Talk about the irony of the situatuon. And this trend isn’t even a trend anymore, it’s madness.

Well anyways, I will try to post things even more positive. Cheers!


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