Ode to butterflies

Credits to http://www.wallpapersxl.com

Bloom, nature’s children

Spread those wings resplendent

Colors magnificent

Soar up high 

with all your might

Capture their hearts

And make the world smile

Grow, my beloved

Let the world gaze upon your glory

But let them not crush

Your spirits burning bright

Sending out love in a rainy Wednesday afternoon! I originally intended to post this on the last week of November, but I got busy. Like my feelings, it’s time for me to release this to appreciate life even more. That said, I dedicate this poem to the beautiful souls who are ensnared by doubts and failures. It’s our time to soar up high.

I’ll leave this baby to tide you guys over the midweek. Only two more days before weekend embraces us once again. Thanks for joining me!


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