is to see better. to have second chances for new beginnings, for better opportunities. my dear, we have nothing to lose. - Last poem for the year! Am apologizing for alcohol-slash-drowsy-poetry since it's wee minutes away from welcoming 2017. I'll admit, 2016 is one hell of a rollercoaster, an adventure we cannot forget. Let 2016 [...]



I have you when time calls for it. But now I can't find you anymore. Only time could bring you back. - Hi! T'was my shortest poem but I've been fascinated reading poems with short lines, and one of my favorite pastime for the past few days is reading between the lines hahaha I know this sounded/looks [...]

Sweet words

sweet words exchanged poised to perfection meant to tie bonds but leads to poison. oh! his shattered heart bared her battered soul guiding lights will forever be their home. they dwelled on sweet words that meant to bind them the same sweet words made them blind and bitter — I'm on a roll hahahaha! Thanks [...]

Pieces by pieces

How shall I tell you That I don't deserve you anymore? The fact that I've been hiding The truth to anybody else but you It might seem unfair to me That I have hurt you pieces by pieces Nonetheless this has to stop Though it will be hard But you'll find someone better You'll get [...]


white paradise and grey clouds mixed altogether enveloping the world in beautiful silence.   And I'm back! hahaha sorry for the long wait! Writer's block has been looming around for some time now, and I'm suddenly struck with an inspiration to write a short poem about snows though. I would like to visit a country with [...]