Last night I dreamt of you. You were holding a pack of sparklers and told me you wanted to light it when the clock strikes midnight. I’d shake my head and smile, since you looked adorable for being giddy over simple things.

We’d light them, and then suddenly you closed your eyes and wished to the heavens that we’ll stay together. I admit, I don’t believe in that crap, but you made me realize that there’s nothing wrong about hoping for something.

After all, anything is possible.

And now that I woke, I can still feel your arms around me. You always do that whenever I’m struck with nightmares. I wake up some nights just to look at your face and bask in the warmth of your embrace. I turned, half-expecting that you’re there, but all I see is the light pouring down the windows. I sighed.

I got up, visited the florist in the corner street. The shop owner asked me for the usual, but since it’s a special day, I requested for two dozens of flowers to be arranged. You liked roses. I hated them because of its thorns.

You frowned, saying that every rose has its thorns, even people.

Walking with the flowers in hand, I noticed some couples stare at my parcel. Some women even tugged at their men’s elbows, saying that they should buy them flowers. Feeling amused, I walked on, shaking my head at their ridiculousness. You have that effect on me, you know. For the past few years I seldom smile at random strangers, let alone walk around holding a huge bouquet.

Arriving at my destination, I eagerly searched for you. There you were, resplendent as ever. I guess your family recently visited you here, since they left a bunch of flowers, along with leaves. Strangely though, they even left your favorite toy. Idly I wondered if you scared them too in their dreams.

Kneeling down, I swept away the leaves, rearranged the flowers, giving time to regain my composure. Blinking back tears, I stared at you. Strangely enough, the stillness of the world around me calms me once more. I smiled, and began to talk to you; careless of whether people think I’m crazy or what.

Ever since I heard that your car crashed in that dark winter night, my life changed. They would tell me that I should let go and move on, but the fact that I’m still holding on the things I should let go of qualifies me as the stupid one. But so be it. I’d rather be a freaking idiot to remember than to forget your memory. I swore to myself that I’d move on but I still can’t find the courage to do so. I tried so hard, but every single thing reminds me of you, and it hurts all the more. It still hurt, but I’ve come to accept the fact that you’re not coming back. I swear I’m getting soft, but what the heck. Even after you’re gone, I still love you.

And I will always remember you.

And it’s finally out! This is the sequel of my songfic Always tho I might’ve screwed up a bit bc of some pressing issues that I needed to address at the moment. But nonetheless, this is told in the guy’s point of view.

By the way, this was inspired from Coldplay’s ‘Everglow’. I did my take the song’s meaning about the memory of losing someone and leaves an everlasting glow in one’s life, and I thought that the guy in Always needed closure, so there. And I hope I did this song justice, albeit the lack of creative songfic titles hahahaha

I might be under the weather at this moment but nonetheless, I’ll leave this to tide you over the week. Thanks for hanging out!


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