Idk cursed or what

The reason why I decided to name it like that because it practically describes my life -with zero lovelife notwithstanding.

I understand that because what the heck, I’m comfortable being single. Some people just don’t understand my lack of hunting instincts in love. Maybe I’m just the type who happily destroys relationships in my mind one pairing at a time *cue in evil laugh*.

But honestly, I don’t really know if I have this curse of awkwardness. I have the gift of wrecking friendships with me being snobby, withdrawing, and not talking to them for long periods. I have the gift of screwing things up and in doing so, making myself more miserable than ever. 

I don’t know if this is a gift or a curse to me, or just my penance for my misdeeds in high school. I did things I’m not proud of, I’ll admit. But somehow I have this vibe that people wouldn’t want to make friends with me or what.

Just as the title suggests, I really don’t know. But somehow, I don’t care.

Sending out hugs and good vibes this Monday! Hahaha thanks for putting up with my quirks, this is the brainchild of thoughts when people around me started to ask the most exasperating question. You can guess what it is, though. Need I tell more?

As usual, I’m stalling bec my inspiration changes sporadically. Nonetheless, I shall continue writing. Let repercussions be damned lol. Will post something when I successfully hunted my muse down (BECAUSE THE EVER-ELUSIVE MUSE IS KEEPING ON TAUNTING ME *wails*)

Thanks for stopping by! 😂


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