should I stare ahead

and forget

the pain

should I look up

and see you again

to hold on

or to loose hope

to shout out

or to cry alone

should I stop


and fool the world

should I remember

that you’re already gone

should I walk forward

and try to move on

like the clouds drifting

making shadows

along the glassy moon

Sending out a huge hi and thank you for putting up with my hiatus! Hahaha it’s been a while since I last wrote my weird dream. Luckily I’m still breathing LOL and am currently banging my head against a hard surface to ooze jargons from my brain.

Am not sure about my impending songfic post tho, but will continue writing bec like I said in one of my class that I am more of a daydreamer/writer than a psych major. Best of both worlds for me, though. But anyways, thanks for putting up with my quirks. I hope you enjoy! 😂


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