Letter to self ver 2.0

Dear 22 year old self, I have passed you the baton yesterday, thinking that you will do better than I did for the past year. As Carl Jung had said, we meet time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life. You might not recognize me, but I'm very positive that we will meet … Continue reading Letter to self ver 2.0



I have never won neither have lost for the first time in what seemed forever - now that i have fallen truly, madly, deeply for you Hi! this is brought to you by my overreactive mind and heart-to-heart talks with my hypothalamus hahaha only kidding tho.   Tis my first time writing in acrostics, actually. I … Continue reading Infinity

Idk cursed or what

The reason why I decided to name it like that because it practically describes my life -with zero lovelife notwithstanding. I understand that because what the heck, I'm comfortable being single. Some people just don't understand my lack of hunting instincts in love. Maybe I'm just the type who happily destroys relationships in my mind … Continue reading Idk cursed or what