Letter to self ver 2.0

Dear 22 year old self, I have passed you the baton yesterday, thinking that you will do better than I did for the past year. As Carl Jung had said, we meet time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life. You might not recognize me, but I'm very positive that we will meet [...]



Last night I dreamt of you. You were holding a pack of sparklers and told me you wanted to light it when the clock strikes midnight. I’d shake my head and smile, since you looked adorable for being giddy over simple things. We’d light them, and then suddenly you closed your eyes and wished to [...]


Birds in flight painted in cerulean skies Stars twinkle in the purple moonless sky Warm shadows in the cool autumn sun Life, as told by the spring's day has begun - Hello! Thanks for keeping up with my quirks hehehe this short poem is one of the products of my weird spontaneity. Lol we don't [...]