Short story

I have a weird dream.

I dreamed that my family, friends, enemies, strangers and acquaintances gather around.

Their eyes were fixed on the bed, eyes watery. My mother cries loudly, while my father tries his best to console her, even though two rivers of salt water graced his eyes.

I watched as one of my brothers went to the bed and stare at it for the longest time. I squinted, tried to get a look on why they were crying.

My friends are crying also. My enemies are mute. My acquaintances bowed their heads.

I wonder why. I shifted around to get a closer look.

What surprised me the most is that there is someone lying on the bed. Her face is pale, her eyes closed, but two trails of tears remained. She was still, so cold.

I was hit by a sense of familiarity.

Because that someone looks like me.

Hi! Twas a long time since I last posted. Sorry to come up with a scary story as a comeback! Hahaha but hey, since it’s Halloween (here in our area), why not tell some, though this dream is common to other people. This was the first of the scary dreams I’ve had since then.

Anyways, I can’t think of anything else scarier than dreaming of journals chasing after me. It’s hilarious and scary all the same. 

I’ll try to post another piece as soon as I hunt down my poetic muse (she’s not around at this moment). For the meantime, I hope you enjoy it!


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