Moonlight fever

Note: The following post is semi-objective. The author is trying her best not to flail her arms while typing. Viewer discretion is advised.

I don’t watch Korean dramas much, but when I do, I got fixated on it. The same instance happened when I got fixated on a Japanese live action drama.

So before I drone on and on about drama reviews, let me warn you first, before the fangirl in me talk your ear off. 😂

If you are a sucker for historical dramas with a dash of romcom, then here’s what’s good for you.

credits to

This is the live-action adaptation of Yoon Yi-soo’s webtoon Moonlight drawn by clouds, more commonly known as Love in the Moonlight. This drama is still ongoing, but it will air its final episode sometime next week in October. The first episode was aired last August, and everyone went gaga over it, including me.

Basically it was another rich-boy-meets-poor-girl cliché, but the difference is that it was kind of a gender bender (because the lead female character crossdresses as a eunuch HAHA). Set in Joseon dynasty, this one-of-a-kind love story pulls the heartstrings in a heartwarming way.

It’s about a love story between a woman (dressed as a eunuch for reasons I can’t spill) and the Crown Prince who first met in an unconventional matter and I won’t say because you have to find it for yourself hahahaha and the rest is history!

The pacing/storyline is fast but in a manner that you can catch up with what happened in the previous episodes but recently I’m a bit disappointed with how the latest episode went.

Ladies and gents, the oppa of the show. Credits to Google!

As for the actors, they really fit into the characters they’re portraying. One: they really are into the character; and if you can watch the behind-the-scenes videos they really work hard to justify their characters. In short: I. SHIP. THEM. ALL. Two: Park Bo-gum is JUST. SO. LEGIT.

Official character posters! Credits to

Oh, and another thing: THE SOUNDTRACK!!!! The drama’s original soundtracks are sooooo moving that it extends to eleven parts and a special compilation of background music used throughout the drama. The eleventh soundtrack is sung by none other than Park Bo-gum. AND YES, ANOTHER REASON WHY I WAS BAITED. *sigh*

And another thing: get your feels ready. Love in the Moonlight may be a romcom (as categorized by wikipedia), but there are emotional moments in there.

You can watch it through YouTube and other sites, and out of 5 stars I’d give it 4.5. BECAUSE WHY NOT? 

Annyeong (hello)! For the first time again in ages I wrote a review. Last time I think was ages ago. 😂

As always, this concludes my first Korean drama review because I didn’t watch another K-dramas after their adaptation of ‘Boys over Flowers’. I’m suckerpunched for Korean historical dramas, so if you know one, feel free to leave a comment!

Let me know your thoughts if you watched this. Saranghaeyo~


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