In which ‘Fix You’ has legit became my national anthem

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not particularly inclined to listen to rock ballads at first, but when I did, Coldplay’s Fix You has been a staple of my endless playlist that made me think of imaginary boyfriends and imaginary breakups.

Weirdly enough (if I may say so), it has wormed its way as my national anthem whenever things get ugly, or when my moods chose to take a nosedive. Yes, I have been told to listen to more positive songs, but no offense; I got fed up with the typical cheery pop that bleeds through mainstream radio. This has become my motivational song, my comfort song, whatever-it-is-that-pops-into-mind song.

In one of my insane moments I would imagine my funeral with this song playing in my necrological services. Insane, yes? But it’s part of me.

Even though I’m stuck in reverse, I’m still hopeful that there are lights that will guide me.

Ha! Another anecdote to start my Monday in an edgy feeling. I am being mercurial but it’s the lost child in me that speaks at the moment. Because yeah, sometimes the feeling of helplessness looms over me since I witnessed a death of a poor kitten being run over by a horrible motorist just before I go to work.

But anyways, I dedicate the song to all of us who are saddened by one’s death, who are constantly struggling to find a place, who are still finding themselves. May lights will guide us home. (Coldplay, 2009)

By the way, I am literally citing Coldplay because you know, citations. 😂


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