Of soundtripping and procrastination

I have this fatal habit of procrastinating for all things important, but not to the extent of sacrificing my sleep just to get my work done. I’ve been in that stage before, and it was ugly; I’d rather not do it again.

What I really do is to have moments of distraction, and moments of despairing over half-a**ed projects, reports, critiques, whatever-you-call-it, and then try to maintain the equilibrium.

Can I be considered a case of ADHD or a millenial case of laziness?

I have this case of ‘momentum loss’ or loss of motivation whenever I feel drowned and have an attention span of a ten-year old. There were times where I can really work without distractions, and sometimes my insane moments include soundtripping, surfing through YouTube, and drawing nonsensical illustrations. Though I don’t consider it disturbing, sometimes I need to get off it since my job gets old and routinary.

Maybe I’m just a case of a lazy millenial who gets daily dose of fangirl feels. But anyways, I’m trying my best to work hard. I still have tuition bills to pay, and overall, I still have a long way to go. 😂

Like Dante and his guide Virgil, I’m trying to hunt down my spiritual, literary, and motivational guide in everything, so I might post random commentaries like this baby for some time.

I won’t say “soul-searching”, because that soul of mine remains intact, though she might’ve been reeling off through Saturn by now. 😂

As they say, old habits die hard. Tis true in my case. Really. Well anyways, will try to post my other poem when I get it polished! Cheers! 😂


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