That kid

Warning: Long post full of babbles ahead. 😂

That kid has been riding around, playing with toys that came with combo meals from fastfood chains. She’s been talking to her plush toys as if she’s Christopher Robin and the toys are Pooh and friends.

That kid has been reading a lot, talking gibberish, and everyone found it funny. Funny to have a three-year old toddling around reciting nursery rhymes and singing with garbled lyrics of lullabies.

That kid also has been drawing on walls with crayons that made her sent to a corner. That kid also has been toddling with strangers until she realized that her parents have been looking for her.

That kid also has changed for a while. She goes to school, made her mom do her homeworks, raised hell when she wished. She goes to high school and then it changed.

She became the silent, angry kid.

That silent angry kid retreated from the world, pulling tricks on her classmates to get them back for bullying her. That kid also wrote poems about love that has been ridiculed by her classmates. That kid also made her dad rush over school because she bawled like a baby. But no matter what, that kid also made it through.

That angry, silent kid has been a cold, sarcastic young lady when she entered college. That young lady, tough as she was, has her vulnerabilities.

But still, she was still looked on by the world as a kid even though she’s in her twenties. 

And that kid was me.

And no matter what happens, I won’t let that happy, silent, angry kid in me die from the dullness of life.

It’s been a while since I last wrote something HAHA well anyways, I took a break from poetry since I’ve been swarmed with schoolworks and now I’m bringing my old habit back (guess that old habits die hard lol)

It’s just an anecdote of my messed up childhood. But hey, everybody has their messed-up moments, right? As they say, to each his own. Hahaha

Will post as soon as possible. As always, thanks for stopping by! 😂


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