Short story

I have a weird dream. I dreamed that my family, friends, enemies, strangers and acquaintances gather around. Their eyes were fixed on the bed, eyes watery. My mother cries loudly, while my father tries his best to console her, even though two rivers of salt water graced his eyes. I watched as one of my … Continue reading Short story


Moonlight fever

Note: The following post is semi-objective. The author is trying her best not to flail her arms while typing. Viewer discretion is advised. I don't watch Korean dramas much, but when I do, I got fixated on it. The same instance happened when I got fixated on a Japanese live action drama. So before I … Continue reading Moonlight fever


Of yesterday - cluttered dreams kept away dustcovers of future swapped and specks of uncertainty remained. often do I wonder what do I do with these dreams how these fragments kept on haunting my memories - Afternoon poetry? Bring it on! Just a short random, though. Will post another poem when I'm free! Cheers!