So many negativities

I was writing my report amidst of the radio live coverage of the Senate hearing on Human Rights in line with the government’s campaign against drugs. So to cut the story short, I was distracted by the sworn statements of those who testify when they would’ve chosen to speak the truth for so long.

Or should I say, war against drugs?

For so many years, drugs has been considered a national issue. But not everybody batted an eyelash, much less care. Now that the administration’s changed and this campaign is rampant and everybody has been ‘supportive’ bordering on blind conformity; leading to endless arguments, hasty generalizations, and ugly, harsh threats that could fragment the country.

It even gets better.

Politics has never been my forte. But hey, I have the right to exercise my freedom to speak, right?

These days, the issue has been the highlight for the past three months. I can’t help but to feel negative (to the extent of unfollowing media pages, even on the misinformed human being). Media hounds continue to sniff on misinformation, making every single citizen question the truth.

As the famous maxim holds, speak now or forever will hold your peace. I hope this applies to all people – be it to a mere mortal or to a civil servant. Speak the truth as soon as possible.

This has been stewing for so long in my mind whenever someone talks about the current issues nowadays. I was asked to voice my opinion, and here are my thoughts.

And by the way, this post is purely subjective so that is why I don’t talk about politics and religion. Thus, this is my two cents regarding the rampant killings, trials and the struggle to end drugs in the country.


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