shadows passed

and still I’m awake –

but the world slumbers

and ghosts flutter

I slumped back,

and stared at your eyes

but it felt strange

yet comforting all the same time

I reached out

to touch your fingers

but nothing is all I felt

the sensations linger

as the skies chased the dawn

memory fades and loneliness fawns

missing you more and more

To think I have started my Monday quite gloomy until it bleeds through my blogpost hahaha well anyways, I have been writing under the influence of paranormal romance though I wanted to echo the lament of a lover whose grief is unparalleled.

On the lighter side of it, I’ll try to post another as soon as my brain revs up once more. Boy, writing journal critiques really misfired my neurons. HAHAHA

As always, thanks for hanging out! 🙂





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