cut those thoughts

its time to light the candles

don’t make a sound

for lights start to flicker –

you only live once

and it only gets better

celebrate it

the way you wanted it to be –

you will grow older

yet you will be braver and wiser

so don’t let the tediousness of life

scare you and wash you over

Greetings! Haha long time no post 😂 I got caught up with flu and work and studies, and since then I didn’t have it in me to post anything *wails* Some of my drafts has been deleted in my pc, but this baby remained (thankfully) in my flash drive. 

Nonetheless, I still want to continue. My poetic side is somewhere nearby, so I might have to hunt her down for some time.

Aaand, I dedicate this short poem to all birthday celebrants all year round. May your wishes come true as you grow! Thanks for stopping by, as always 🙂


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