The violinist

I play with violins
but they said it’s for the weak

but I didn’t listen

For their eyes are weak enough to see beyond

I play with violins

Not because I have to

because I want to and need to

soothe the ravaged parts of my soul

I play with violins

and the world plays along

making symphonies and melodies

that people hum along

I play with violins

and make the world happy

to make the people know and see

That music played with violins is an ephemeral form of beauty

I play with violins

even if I’m old and weak

not because I am lonely

For music lives on with me

I play with violins

play with them even if I’m esconced in the clouds of heaven

for I know I could make symphonies

and leave the world a lasting legacy

Aaaaand it’s out! HAHA  Long time no write! lol 

I am squeezed in between research and work nowadays so I haven’t had the courage to pick up where I left off, but I’m trying my best to keep up.

The title might sound like a Coldplay song, so I apologize for the lack of giving creative titles 😂 

By the way, photo credits to for the silhouette of the violinist. I wish I could’ve been one, but studying to play violins is one of my bucketlist and hopefully it will come true. *sighs like a fangirl*

Anyways, thanks for hanging out and stopping by! đŸ™‚


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