All about love

I was asked by a random stranger if I loved. Yes, I did. I loved hard.
Not that I have in the relationship context, but in a familial and friendship contexts. I love my family, I love my friends. I love my fictional crushes because I am a fangirl HAHA

But not all things about love are beautiful, we already know that.

Everybody deserves to take a break from the madness that is love. Everybody also deserves to get over someone though it will hurt so much. More importantly, they can take a step back and think about it before returning.

Love isn’t only a four-letter word that is associated with feelings of belongingness and affection. It is a mass of contradictions. It can be sweet, it can be painful. It can be heaven, it can also be hell. It can be beautiful, it can be ugly. Sometimes you can get addicted to it, sometimes you might want to withdraw from it.

But the fact is, everyone cannot escape from love. Love is absolute. From the time we were born and from the moment we finally close our eyes, love is around us. It’s a universal concept, a concept that is widely understood by many.

We care because we love. We get angry, worried, sad because we love. We learn to share because we love. We cry because we love. We learn to sacrifice and fight because we love. Ultimately, we learn to let go because we love.

Hi! I just wanted to share you my old essay (in which I am supposed to pass it as one of my requirements) in my high school days because I have this old chest full of my knickknacks of my childhood. I remember that this is supposed to be an entry to my journal, but I got too lazy to write so I wrote another one instead.

Looking back, I guess this isn’t supposed to be published on a September morning, but whatever. Anyways, thanks for stopping by! ❤


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