You told me once that you were mine But those mean nothing anymore Those meaningless words form a river That cuts me through and through You told me once that you were mine But where did you go after that? Why do you always say that you'll be there You never showed up after all. … Continue reading Yours



Just a short (nonsensical) sweet poetry to tide you over today. Am in the middle of classes at this moment, and I'd want to share this before my head explodes. Haha nonetheless, I'll still continue writing. Cheers for the weekend!

broken masterpiece

million starlights flutter like butterflies tiny starlights flash through jagged cracks - the ethereal glow  glittering like diamonds into the jagged, hollow jigsaw puzzle of my soul - these terrible cracks and fragments of light making them utterly beautiful. - This afternoon poetry is brought to you by caffeine overdose hahahaha twas supposed to be … Continue reading broken masterpiece