Forever single?


I’ve been single for the whole twenty-one years of my life. But hey, no big deal for me.

Everybody else (in our family) is freaked out that I haven’t been sniffing around on men since they claimed that I’ve been accomplished as a young lady. Yes, I’ve been attracted, but most of the time I’ve been a fangirl, and those men whom I adored are either nonexistent or didn’t know I exist.

That said, their constant unsolicited advices ticks me off. Occasionally I shrug it off, but now and then my insane moments would want to flip them a finger and tell them to find themselves something to get busy.

They thought I was bitter, I was a homo, I was gay, and all sorts of imaginations that they could conjure. I would laugh and say no, because behind all their accusations and jeers, I’m still waiting for the Right One to come.

And I ain’t rushing him though. Maybe one of these days we l’d bump into each other or just a casual nod and hello would suffice.

That said, I’m just happy being the perpetual third wheel or the single one.

Yep, sometimes being single could get lonely, but I don’t care. I‘m single and I’m loving it.

Hi! This is my forty-ish (?) entry and I’m very glad that I’m able to keep up HAHA but anyways, I’ve been baring my thoughts recently. I dunno maybe because my psych friends wanted me to be forthcoming. Instead of being orally verbose, I decided to settle it on writing. That way I know I could still annoy them with my intraversion HAHA

That said, a lot of my acquaintances have been bugging me nowadays. Is it because I’m about to get older?

Anyways, enough on my self-deprecation. I’m still polishing my supposed to be songfic but I ended up reading journals lol will get to update it as soon as I can finish up work. Thanks for stopping by! 😂


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