Sleep now, my child

And forget all your burdens tonight

For the heavens tonight will shower you stars

Know that in your rest silence will find you

Far from the hectic world has to offer

Know that in your repose that you are loved

Saved from the madness from this life.

May your dreams guide your flight

As the winds and the stars bid you goodnight.

Hi! This my thirty-third day (technically it’s night here, so there) of my self-imposed writing challenge. I basically divided it to two since part two is all about rambling on my sleep deprivation. But screw it, I’m thriving at night! 

So I decided to put this poem as the first part since today I am supposed to watch the Perseids meteor shower but the skies won’t let me since it’s raining, so I just compensated by writing. Lol.

I’ll just catch up on my dreamland later. Thanks for stopping by! 😂


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