Nocturnal thoughts

Note: This is the second part but I decided to make it either the 34th or not. But anyways, my thoughts bared on being a night owl. Thanks for stopping by!


There were times that I consider sleep my best friend.

Other times I didn’t. Not because of my occasional night terrors or sleep paralysis or caffeine overdrive, but night time holds special because these were the times where my creativity and inspiration would wake up and take hold of my brain.

That said, I have an unusual love-hate relationship with my brain. My eyes wanted to rest, but my brain keeps on bugging me. So I have no choice but either to stare at the ceiling, drink milk, water or exhaust my eyes further by writing/reading.

Often, I cry myself to sleep due to overthinking. Listening to classical music also helped calm my mind down, only to wake with a cellphone plastered on my face. Also, I write about everything when I can’t sleep, so by the time that I wake I know what I thought about when my eyes threaten to close.

I even attempted to count sheep jumping in my frontal lobe, but those sheeps are so fat they can’t even jump over the fences of my brain.

Which leaves me the feelings of grumpiness and fatigue. Sometimes I’d nod off in my work, even snatching power naps at lunch breaks, but those naps sometimes extend to an hour or two. Good thing my boss didn’t know that I’m catching z’s.

Just like that, the pattern goes on and on. I just hope to nap some more now that the weather’s suitable for long periods. Haha!


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